Jono sent out word to his community that he was raising funds for Malawi and the local pub linked him with a gentleman whose block of land a professional wouldn’t consider brush cutting — too steep apparently. Enter eight EPC-A men from Winneleah and Launceston, bruchcutters in hand one Saturday morning, and leaving with somewhat sore arms and backs half a day later.

The grass was thick and the brush quite frankly overgrown. We have been having some wet weather in Tasmania so the brushes had thrived. The fecundity of the ground in springing all this grass reminded me of Psalm 72 and made me think about how the gospel has prospered in Malawi and neighbouring Mozambique with magnitude as staggering as all the brush we were surrounded with.

Of corn an handful in the earth on tops of mountains high,
With prosp’rous fruit shall shake, like trees on Lebanon that be.
The city shall be flourishing, her citizens abound
In number shall, like to the grass that grows upon the ground.
Ps72:16 (Scottish Metrical Psalms)

A lovely day where our Lord gave us beautiful overcast skies so nobody got sun-burnt, and kept us safe from injury and snake bites.

Oh, and we raised AU$700.