On 5 Aug 2016 we had a fund-raising dinner, ‘slave’ trade and auction for Malawi.

The dinner was themed around curries and we had an excellent turnout from the Launceston and Winneleah congregations to a packed fellowship hall. Craft, homemade foodstuff and hardware items were donated by both members and sponsors and put up for sale. Members also offered services (like cleaning, gardening, child minding,  sewing, car detailing, etc.) in exchange for funds. An auction was held for hampers, holidays, handmade dolls, confectionery, legal services and artwork. It was very heart-warming to see the outpouring of donations, and even more so to see the willingness of members to bid generously (and competitively) for the auction items. Amidst the banter and jibes, there was a genuine desire to contribute to the needy, and a recognition that we as a prosperous people are well-placed to do so.

Pas Connors, with arm sore from being vaccinated like a pin cushion, gave a presentation which refreshed our memories on how the work in Malawi began and has progressed, and how we could help by way of prayers and material things. A timely word as he would leave for Malawi with Phil in a couple of weeks. We found a few days later that Jonathan had decided he would also join them — it seems the presentation stirred some strong and fond memories. The brethren in Malawi are close to our hearts, especially so for these men that have visited. Phil, with booming voice and great gusto, often describes the Malawi experience with one word, “Unbel-ieeee-vable!”

A total of over AUD$7,000 was raised that night and designated to Malawi via the EPCA Presbytery.