Rev Rex Chitekwe appeals for the supply of Bibles in Chichewa.

Dear Brethren,

The need for more Bibles and Psalm Books is very great! Many of our members do not have Bibles and Psalm books. Members scramble for a few. We see this as one of the challenges as we strive to teach the reformed truth. Members really need the Bibles for spiritual growth and referencing as they read the confessions and catechisms.

Those in Shire Valley lost their Bibles in January 2015 during the floods that destroyed many things.

We thank God for the 2016 August visit by Pastor Chris Connors, Elder Philip and Brother Jonathan. They brought with them a gift of 189 Chichewa Bibles. These have helped but still more are needed as people are eager to learn the treasurers of God’ Truth!

In the pictures only a few are holding Bibles during worship but as you can see everyone is eager to read and sing.

Pray for us so that God will provide. A single Bible costs about $8 [Australian dollars].

May God bless you and Glory be to God in the Highest!