On 30 Nov 2016, Pilgrim Covenant Church (Singapore) remitted funds through MARA to the needy pastors, ministerial students and members of the EPCM. The rainy season has just begun so the timing is perfect for the planting of maize. Pas Rex reports,

Today we had a Synod meeting in the morning. It went on well. … Later we distributed fertilizer and maize seeds to some pastors and students for them to use. They are very grateful and happy. If it rains well they hope to have food from April and this help has come in time indeed. The pictures are for you to have a feel of how it was and you can share them to those that might need them. May God bless you.
Pastor Rex

Our brethren in Malawi, especially the ministers and students, intimately know both the agricultural metaphor and spiritual significance of these words:

Who sow in tears, a reaping time of joy enjoy they shall.
That man who, bearing precious seed, in going forth doth mourn,
He doubtless, bringing back his sheaves, rejoicing shall return.
Ps 126:6 (Scottish Metrical Psalms)

Thank you for your prayers and gifts. Although the UN World Food Program is distributing food relief to parts of Malawi, the news we receive on the ground is that it is not reaching many of the more remote and needy regions, and these are the parts that the EPCM has had a particular presence.

As we continue receiving news from the ground we will keep the website updated.