Pas Rex reports:

On Tuesday, 5th September, 2017 the youth from Chilemba, Katundu, Monekera, Mberenga, Luchenza, Chimwanga, Kajawo and Namiwa EPC had attended a counseling seminar.

The youth were aged from 12-18 years.

This was organized to encourage them on various issues.

One of the topics covered was the importance of knowing or studying the Bible, Memorization of Shorter Catechism, Why we sing Psalms. Emphasis was also made on the history of the introduction of shorter catechism and why we need to memorize it.

Other topics covered included The importance of Lord’s Day, Importance of education and HIV and AIDS.

Sent are some of the pictures taken during the function.

The program will also be held in other congregations across Malawi and Mozambique.