Pas Rex reports…

The Church in Mozambique is growing wonderfully also. One of the men helping is Vincent Wilson. He is a ministerial student. He did well in the ministerial student interviews but had a shortfall in shorter catechism and Church History. He will be tested again on these.

So he is one of the ruling elders for the Church in Mozambique. He brought a report about 6 more prayer houses born in Mongue District. Almost none of the members has a Bible and shorter catechism. No Psalm books and no children catechisms.

So we had a few Bibles remaining. These were bought when Pastor Chris and Pastor JJ came in April. We gave these remaining Bibles to Vincent and Andrew (the man standing with Vincent). Andrew is a member of one of the new prayer houses.

Lets keep on praying for the Church in Mozambique. Lets pray for Vincent and Silas who are the two students to be reexamined from Mozambique.

May God bless.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-09 at 17.54.15
Vincent Wilson, a ministerial student, carrying a a few Bibles for the work in Mozambique.