MARA (Malawi Africa Relief Association)

Timely relief and situation-specific support for the furtherance of the reformed gospel in Malawi and throughout Africa.

Humanitarian Assistance for Poor Christians in Malawi

Excerpts from a letter to Calvinistic Churches in Singapore on Behalf of EPCM, by Rev JJ Lim, 28 Nov 2016. By the mercies of our Lord, Pilgrim Covenant Church (PCC) has,—in partnership with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia (EPCA),—been... Continue Reading →

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2017 Annual Report From The Evangelical Presbyterian Church For The Lord’s Work In Malawi And Mozambique

INTRODUCTION Brothers and sisters of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia and Pilgrim Covenant Church – Singapore: To begin with receive greetings from The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Malawi and Mozambique. It is our hope and prayers that The Lord... Continue Reading →

Relief for the Pastors

Pas Rex reports. Malawi and Mozambique depend on farming for income. Without rain it becomes a challenge. We thank God that the 2017-18 planting season is in progress. The families of Pastors also spend some of their time in the... Continue Reading →

Malawi Financial Updates 2016-2017

This report is to provide an overview of the accounting mechanisms that MARA has been operating with. MARA began operation in Nov 2016 and immediately began disbursing funds to support the EPCM (Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Malawi) relief work for... Continue Reading →

Newly ordained ministers in Mozambique and Malawi

Brethren, We thank God for His Providence. He has given us new ministers even in Mozambique. As you know we did not have any pastor after the going home of Rev. Magriva. The 17th of December, 2017 will also be... Continue Reading →

Ordination of James Semani

Brethren, 19th November was another great day in Malawi as one of our men James Semani was ordained as a minister of the Gospel. It took place at Mberenga EPC in Luchenza Presbytery. EPC members, chiefs, relatives and well wishers... Continue Reading →

Bibles for Mozambique

Pas Rex reports... The Church in Mozambique is growing wonderfully also. One of the men helping is Vincent Wilson. He is a ministerial student. He did well in the ministerial student interviews but had a shortfall in shorter catechism and... Continue Reading →

Youth Counselling Seminar

Pas Rex reports: On Tuesday, 5th September, 2017 the youth from Chilemba, Katundu, Monekera, Mberenga, Luchenza, Chimwanga, Kajawo and Namiwa EPC had attended a counseling seminar. The youth were aged from 12-18 years. This was organized to encourage them on... Continue Reading →

Luchenza Presbytery

During the week end we had a children catechism gathering for Luchenza Presbytery. We are encouraging all congregations to train the young ones in catechism, Bible stories, Bible Knowledge, memorization of verses. So we organised 11th June, 2017 as a... Continue Reading →

In the secret of His presence

by Rev JJ Lim One of the perks of this very busy trip was the opportunity to spend time with the Lord alone in the midst of the beauty of His Creation by the river. I did not realise how... Continue Reading →

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