Posts and events in reverse chronological order

Jan2018 Relief for the Pastors
Jan2018 Malawi Financial Updates 2016–2017
Dec2017 Newly ordained ministers in Mozambique and Malawi
Nov2017 Ordination of James Semani
Sep2017 Bibles for Mozambique
Sep2017 Youth Counselling Seminar
Jul2017 Luchenza Presbytery
Jun2017 In the secret of His presence
Jun2017 A Peak into the EPCM Presbytery Licensing Trials
Feb2017 More Sports Evangelism
Jan2017 Relief update (30 Jan 2017)
Jan2017 Lest I be poor, and steal
Jan2017 Relief update (13 Jan 2017)
Jan2017 Relief Update (17 Dec 2016)
Dec 2016 Some special needy people
Dec 2016 Fund raising 2017 calendars
Dec 2016 Relief update (30 Nov 16)
Nov 2016 Sports Evangelism
Nov 2016 Sports Evangelism
Nov 2016 Derby Block-Slashing Fundraiser
Oct 2016 Preaching in the soccer field
Aug 2016 Reprinting the WSC in Chichewa
Aug 2016 2016 Teaching Visit to Malawi
Aug 2016 Motorbikes
Aug 2016 Launceston Fundraiser
Aug 2014 Training of Students
Dec 2012Jan 2013 An Eventful & Fruitful Mission Trip To Malawi
2011 Report and Recommendation to EPCA Presbytery
2011 PCC Report on Initial Visit